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Not satisfied with being a business owner, designer, full time mum, and maker of the second best sourdough in Lee Green - Donna is also a very keen gardener & Florist. 


She studied horticulture at RHS Hadlow College in 2008 and collects allotments plots like she's playing monopoly! 

As anyone who knows Donna personally will addest to, she doesn't have a huge amount of time for her growing list of passion projects, however it gives her a huge amount of pleasure & satisfaction to create special bouquets for special people.


Donna's flowers have meaning - there's a fluidity and ease to her flowers that comes naturally, a true love and respect for each and every stem. Which makes perfect sense when you see her hand painted textiles, an ode to botanics and design. 

Donna likes to keep a very exclusive two spots available a year for wedding flowers, (such is her schedule) but it is worth inquiring if you are interested in her thoughtful organic arrangements and the 'language of flowers' as she calls it. This sensibility also makes Donna a great choice for funeral flowers for your loved ones. 



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