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About us

CRIMSON & CLOVER is a family-run retro gift shop in Hither Green, London.

Mother & Daughter Team aim to create a nostalgic but design lead little shop cosy, quirky and thoughtfully curated.


Our newest venture THREE SISTERS opened in September (great timing) - and is a second bricks and mortar shop located just across the tracks offering a homeware, plants and a good dose of vintage too.

Our core team comprises of Donna, the Owner - Holly, her daughter (like Donna but taller and hopefully younger looking) & the very talented Tracy Davey. You may spot some other faces in the shop from time to time, namely more offspring of Tracy & Donna (not Holly - this can't be stated aggressively enough).  

Crimson & Clover is a local enterprise through & through - so is our lovely staff too!




Donna Read is a textile designer by trade, an antique dealer in a former life and a gardener at heart. A true renaissance women, Donna has many callings, and one of them was calling from a little corner of Hither Green in 2015.

Building CRIMSON & CLOVER has been a very rewarding experience for Donna & Team, one that has lead to the exciting acquiring of our second local premises, due to open Autumn 2020 ..but her happy place is still her allotment of 20 years. Which is stones through away from her floral cutting garden of 10. 

Not only is she an accomplished business women, artist and fantastic mother (her daughter scribing this can attest) she has become an important figure in the community, always willing to go the extra mile..and then a few inches more, for all those in SE12 & 13 we have come to know. 



Holly is Donna's eldest daughter and a bit of a mini-me (if the locals are to be believed!) They have been working together on the shop since it first opened in 2015, when Holly, fresh out of uni, needed a job!


She is now partner in the company and a keen consultant when it comes to the buying, decor and fun bits ..Holly still learning (very slowly & begrudgenly) about the paperwork. 

Holly's second career, when she's not rearranging every display in the shop, is a flourishing online second-hand fashion business on the app DEPOP. She runs her own vintage shop under the name @hollycoco which in the landscape of today, is thriving! She also buys a few choice pieces for the shop, were the two funky garment paths meet. 




Tracy Davy is a London based Illustrator and artist, who studied graphic design at Canterbury College or Art and worked for 20 years in a London design-studio, specialising in packaging Design. She left to become a freelance Illustrator working on illustrations mainly for packaging for the last 20 years.

Tracy is currently working on a Children's book, cards,& wrapping paper. She also focuses time on her own practice as an artist, and keeps a regular sketchbook. She is influenced by colour, pattern, flowers, all nature& animals (especially her little Jack Russell dog), her garden, all things Italian ,and trips to the south of France, vintage & flea markets& museums and galleries.

All this creativity comes in handy when working part time in a shop as unique and inspirational as Crimson & Clover alongside the creative force of nature that is Donna & Holly.

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